The 5 Hottest Trends in the Sunglasses Industry

Posted by benjamin koren on

There are a number of sunglasses trends that have been popular in recent years, including:

  1. Oversized frames: Oversized frames have been a popular trend in sunglasses for several seasons. These frames are often bold and statement-making, and they can be worn to add a touch of drama to any outfit.

  2. Retro-inspired frames: Retro-inspired frames, such as cat-eye and round frames, have also been popular in recent years. These frames are often reminiscent of styles from the 1950s and 1960s, and they can add a vintage touch to any outfit.

  3. Clear frames: Clear frames, also known as transparent frames, have become popular in recent years as a way to make a subtle statement with eyewear. These frames are often made of plastic or acrylic and are designed to blend in with the wearer's skin tone, creating a subtle and sophisticated look.

  4. Mirror lenses: Mirror lenses, also known as flash lenses, have become popular in recent years as a way to add a touch of fun to eyewear. These lenses are coated with a reflective material that can come in a range of colors, including silver, gold, and rainbow.

  5. Tortoise shell frames: Tortoise shell frames, which feature a pattern of brown and amber tones, have been popular for many years and show no sign of going out of style. These frames are often classic and timeless, and they can be worn with a variety of different outfits.

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